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idruinknruhndikjrksj roflro ofrllfol hahaha

Nov. 14th, 2003 | 02:51 am
mood: drunkdrunk
music: unsungh zer0s

lol imgso fuickin drunk right now, olga got ujs a wine bottle at 7eleven aftere we came bacmk from the movies and omfgouj rofl im drso fdurcked up lmao indeed a newport, wow imwanna update but i bet icant defvne type roforlorlf wow i wnana msg olga but she wont answer mwe rlolrofl wow im soifucked uprlmao unsung zeros is thebest whenur fuckeupd
yeyiklthoughti lost em but i foudnd my newports omfg il ovfgre mnewportss yeyweheheh weoooo rofl owow im sfucked uprofl pictureds of u and i athatr always make meh asamiel allalalalla
i wanan see meha mplantsa omfg ofmgok bmy babiews and i wqanna tsalk to olgashe so entertiinin wow god ixcant type lmao mlol hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im dsoooooooooooooo fuckni fudtrunk lmaomo jkosklaklksalklallololksorlflmao

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oh nigga, get up get up come on come on lets go

Nov. 12th, 2003 | 02:49 am
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves At New Jersey

shiet i havent updated in a while, damn and when i say a while i mean it, lol anyways my life has changed alot in the past couple months, shit i dont know where to start, well now i gots my own computer company, woot woot, and im also runnin my dad's import/export, been single for a while but shit its more fun isnt it? anyways im not gonna write about everything that happened in the past couple months since i cant really remember much lol, anyways the past couple days ive been tired as fuck since me and bryan have been helping big pat move out and we had to move so much shit for like 3-4 days straight, plus i just fuckin smoked a newport and i feel like shit, great great, so ya we had a RandomWino night at pats tuesday night, it was pretty crazy, we drank 5 wine bottles between a couple ppl, and we got REALLY FUCKED up, lol pat and bryan were runnin around the complex drunk as fuck at 6am in the morning, chasing the ducks and supposoly trying to "FIX" the water fountain, rofl haha w.e it was great, and at the same time weird, cuz like that same night bryan got with jaine, chris finally made out with vanessa, and i ended up making out with olga while pat and bryan were gone runnin around the complex, idk it was weird but awesome at the same time, too bad bryan and pat had a great idea, they thought if they made themselves puke they would sober up so they could help big pat in the morning, but guess what, that didnt happen, lol. pat ended up passin out outside on a bench after he puked, bryan stayed up but feeling like shit, meanwhile i was in the room with olga, trying to sleep ;p, so ya then like 5 mins after pat passed out bryan came in the room tellin me that i had to get up and help big pat so i was like omfg what a mission, cuz i was SOOOOO fucked up, idk how i even got up, after i left the room, i thought olga was passed out but when i walked back in there i saw her puking, so i felt bad, got her some water and told her to try to pass out, which she did so after that it was all good. chris came back from droppin vanessa off and he passed out so it was basicly bryan big pat and meh cleaning up the house and packing shit up to take it to the warehouse, i felt like shit, cuz the fucking wine hangover was killing me, so then we told big pat to go to a gas station so we could get some gatorade cuz we needed that shit badly :o after that we packed, cleaned and bs all day until bryan finally took me home so i could take a god damn shower and get some sleep, which i didnt but w.e ive been awake for 3 days now, imsomnia is killing me but fuck it right? eh my journal needs a new look but im to lazy to fucking change it right now.

hrmmm im so bored and theres nothing to do, i txt msged olga on her cell to see if she could wake some ppl up so we could drink or do SOMETHING but that aint happening, she has to work tomorrow so fuck it, right now i keep tellin bryan to call our hookup so we can fucking cap but he hasnt called and its like 3am in the fucking morning so i guess we aint gonna smoke tonight, what a piece of shit, or maybe we will eh who knows, well anyways wtf else should i write about, hrmmm....

oh yah in a couple weeks we're gonna be making the mad money so we'll prolly get our own place again, so i can finally grow my hydroponic plants, bleh i dont wanna write anymore, fuck the nigga named livejournal, lol peace

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May. 19th, 2003 | 08:25 pm


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oh nigga

Apr. 20th, 2003 | 04:20 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: PTW - Mid Air Love Message

whos 18 nigga whos 18 :D oh oh today is mah bday and im gonna get FUCKED up :D

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